We bake our products fresh everyday in our bakery

Welcome to Parsons Bakery

My family has been making & baking for the people of the
South West for over 100 years. The Bakery was started by
my great grandfather in the early 1900s, and passed down
through the generations from father to son until my brother
and I took over 90 years later. We are proud to be fourth
generation bakers continuing our family's trade and tradition.

We make and bake every single one of our delicious
savouries, each loaf of bread and all the cakes and pastries
in our craft bakery each day.  We ship these out to our 52
stores situated in Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, Cardiff,
North Somerset, Somerset, Gloucestershire, South Glos,
Oxfordshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Berkshire,
Wiltshire & Worcestershire.

Our aim is simply to make good things:-

  • Wholesome, heart-warming pasties & sausage rolls that
    fill you up on a cold autumn morning.
  • Bread made by real bakers with simple, quality
    ingredients that taste just delicious.
  • Cakes & pastries made to delight you - proper treats!
  • Sandwiches put together, by hand, with our own
    freshly baked bread and local wholesome ingredients.

I'll stop myself now before I get carried away but you
get the idea....

We just want to 'Bake the Good Stuff".

Nick Parsons - Managing Director

Nick Parsons
Managing Director